The Senator of Gravity (smithbrad) wrote in taliban,
The Senator of Gravity

Community stats update

Day: 5

Members added: 0

Members lost: 0

Total membership: 1

This is such a great club.
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Let's see. ::does a few quick mental tabulations::
I am non-smoking. I'm not at all a synthesiac, too in love with my primal/animal/nature-linked self to be either Buddhist or Catholic, I make my residence in the Atlantic Southeast at present, I don't skate anymore for loathing of coccyx fractures, and rather dislike tea in all of its various and sundry breeds. Can't say I've read anything of the list of authors save Douglas Adams, whose works I adore, and I like Mozart well enough but have a particular partiality to Orff and Wagner.
I must admit that the only thing Britney Spears arouses in me is something closer to contempt and a mild pang of sorrow for the human race and/or what's become of it, most especiallyin the poster on said porch in said cut-offs and pink top.
Do I qualify for membership? >:)
The non-smoking thing is very good. Not only is smoking bad for you - as you of course already know - but, so far, all of our members are non-smokers.

And the adoration of Adams is definitely a plus. Anyone who has read his books knows the universe has lost a creative genius.

I'm sensing a bit of hostility toward Britney, but I guess that's normal since half the population thinks she's a phoney-ass no-talent bitch ho slut skank.

Here's the compromise I have in mind: I'm adding you to the membership, but ... if we start having meetings, and you're in attendance at one of the meetings, and you see another member scurrying off to the bathroom with a copy of that Britney Spears poster where she's standing on the porch in denim cutoffs and a pink top ... maybe you could pretend you didn't see it.
That seems like a perfectly equitable agreement. Thank you.